Queiroz Galvão Energia is the result of Queiroz Galvão Group’s need to have a company that would consolidate its investments in power generation and commercialization. Supported by the Group’s 60 years’ experience and with a team of experienced people, QG Energia started its activities as one of the major players in this market.

Within a record four-year term, Queiroz Galvão Energia was able to deploy five wind farms which, together with the hydroelectric plants already in operation, reached the milestone of half gigawatts of installed capacity in 2014. By 2018, another large wind farm will be fully deployed, reaching 710 megawatts of installed capacity and surpassing four billion reais in investments.

Queiroz Galvão Energia has also developed areas and projects that enable the implementation of new wind farms and small hydropower plants in a very short time, including for free market customers.

What sets us apart

  • Own power generation complex in all submarkets
  • Expertise in the commercialization and customization of products and services
  • Availability of both energy based on incentives and conventional energy
  • Safe and reliable purchase and sale operations


To generate clean, renewable energy, with excellence and safety, in order to contribute to socioeconomic development while respecting the environment and adding value for customers and shareholders.


Queiroz Galvão Energia has inherited and emphasizes in its daily work the values that have guided the Group for many years and that are aligned with the company’s commitment to social responsibility and respect for the environment.

These values are the secret behind Queiroz Galvão’s progress, and are directly responsible for the organization's current position both in Brazil and abroad. This strong foundation, which is embedded in the Group’s governance process, has enabled our growth over the years, and the many lessons of this legacy ensure the continuity of our activities.

Regardless of the world situation, the changing economy, market hiccups, changes in government or how government power is exercised, Queiroz Galvão’s actions are always firmly based on WORK, QUALITY, TRUST and LOYALTY.


The key to our accomplishments. It represents the path of hard work and commitment. For the Group, only when work is performed with honesty and integrity can it ensure the desired results.


Quality management and the constant improvement of processes, products and services allow the Company to be recognized and increase its competitiveness in the market.


Goals and delivery times in any work relationship are always met. This generates trust in the products and services the Group offers.


Loyalty is the principle that supports our unity – the engine that generates the energy we need to deliver our commitments and overcome challenges.